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Check out this article on “Green goals” for college and university campuses.

If you would like to see Nashville State be a sustainable campus and celebrate Sustainability Day, see Sally Robertson in the library about becoming involved in the Students for the Environment organization.


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Campus Sustainability Day (CSD) celebrates sustainability in higher education. On a designated day in October, colleges and universities are encouraged to create events on campus and elsewhere that draw participants for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among faculty, staff, and students, from across all departments and disciplines, and even from across the campus “edge” between town and gown. This is the kind of integrated, comprehensive planning that is a major focus for higher education planners among SCUP’s constituency, as well as for the increasing number of professionals who hold campus sustainability positions.

Watch for developments on Nashville State’s campus.

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 Contact:   Kami Bruner – 615.310.6873,  tnurbanforestry@gmail.com 

Proposed Urban Forestry specialty plate will benefit communities across Tennessee.

Nashville, TN. (August 7, 2009)The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC)

 Trees work hard for all of us. They reduce air pollution, replenish water tables, prevent erosion, absorb noise, cool urban areas, reduce household and business energy costs, increase property values, trees even reduce crime and foster safer, more sociable neighborhoods…all for free.  But it’s hard work and each day brings increasing demands on their time and energy.  Now there’s a way you can help trees and communities across Tennessee by doing something most of us do every day… Drive.  But drive with a cause!

 The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, a statewide nonprofit organization, needs your help to gain approval for the Tennessee “Trees Make a Difference” specialty license plate! To meet the legislature’s requirements, 1,000 “Tree Tags” must be pre-sold by June 30, 2010 before production can begin.  Proceeds from the Tree Tag help fund programs including:

The Tennessee Tree Fund, supporting tree plantings throughout the state.

  • Urban Forestry Workshops, facilitating new urban forestry programs in communities and enhancing existing programs.
  • Tennessee Groves, a memorial, honorary and environmental landscaping program.
  • The Arboretum Certification Program, boasting 50 certified arboreta serving as exemplary educational outreach resources for local communities.
  • The Landmark, Historic, and Heritage Tree Registries, recognizing and preserving trees with distinguished historical, geographic or cultural significance.
  • The Notable Trees of Tennessee exhibit, traveling for free and captivating audiences with photographs of some of our state’s most majestic boughs.
  • Urban Forestry Toolboxes, providing technical tools, educational resources, available on loan for free to tree boards, urban foresters and utilities.

 A standard “Trees Make a Difference” plate will cost $35, with an additional $35 to personalize it.* For more information about the Tree Tag and the benefits of urban forestry visit www.TennesseeTrees.org. You may also order the tag directly from TUFC’s site www.tufc.com. Make Tennessee a cleaner and greener place for generations to come, plant a Tree Tag on your car and help Urban Forestry GROW!

 About the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to public awareness, understanding and improving Tennessee’s urban forests.  Our mission is to serve as an advisory body to promote healthy and sustainable urban and community forests in Tennessee by providing leadership and assistance through education, planning, advocacy and collaboration.

*All specialty plate costs are in addition to the standard yearly renewal fees based on county of residence and generate funds for the designated organization each year they are renewed. Please see http://www.TennesseeTrees.org for more details about the specialty plate program.

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council is also on MySpace and FaceBook:



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Campus Ecology – Campus Ecology – National Wildlife Federation

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