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Campus Ecology is the national student environmental organization.

Tells how individual students can help the environment, as well as college campuses. 

Be a friend on Facebook, blogs, web conferences, internship opportunities, Chill Out Contest, e-news.


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Alison Gannett is a lot like Eddie Van Halen: she does things on skis (and with other sports paraphernalia) that you cannot even dream about, and she looks totally cool. So don’t even think about it.

Having conquered most of the world’s tallest mounts, Alison has her eyes fixed on an even higher goal: saving the planet, one CROP at a time. CROP is Alison’s innovative tool for de-carbonizing lifestyles. She is CROP-ing her way to low-carbon existence, and you CROP yours too. http://www.ospreypacks.com/Athletes/AlisonGannett/.

Here’s how.

CROP has four elements. First, compute your carbon footprint. Second, learn how to reduce your footprint. Third, identify strategies for offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions. Fourth, generate your own power. Let’s recap:

C – compute carbon footprint

R – reduce GHG emissions

O – apply sensible offsets

P – generate your own power

Get your CROP going today!

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How to Start a Campus Environmental Organization | eHow.com

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Home composting

Why make compost?.

Composting: A process whereby organic wastes decompose naturally, resulting in a product rich in minerals and ideal for gardening and farming.  Try it at home.

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Campus Ecology – Campus Ecology – National Wildlife Federation

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Here are some great tips about bike commuting

We have the Bike to Work Guide in the NSCC library.  Check it out and try bike commuting.  It is fun, and a great way the lower your carbon footprint.

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WWF – Video – America’s Arctic: Safeguarding a National Treasure

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