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Organize to be Heard is a competition to see which youth leaders can generate the most activity to raise awareness with our elected officials about the importance of passing climate change legislation NOW. The Consequence Campaign is working with Senator John Kerry’s office to encourage America’s youth to take action.

This contest lasts throughout the month of November and you can join anytime. You will receive points based on the activities you engage in!

• Media Coverage: 50 points

• Printed Letter to the Editor: 25 points

• Letter to Representative: 10 points

• Call to Representative: 5 points

• Signing Petition: 2 points

 All points will be added up at the beginning of December and the top point earners will win a free trip to D.C. to meet with non-profit leaders, and elected officials! Don’t waste any time! Register now and start making a difference.

It’s Game Time Obama!

Are your interests more international? Do you want President Obama to take a stand at Copenhagen and show the world we’re ready to lead the way to a clean energy economy?

Tell the President: It’s Game Time Obama!

This movement asks President Obama to take 3 key actions during November:

1. Invite young leaders to discuss climate and energy issues with him and his staff.

 2. Follow up on that meeting with a public speech outlining specific goals for national and international climate policy.

3. Publicly commit to attend the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Tell President Obama that as Captain of the U.S.A. it’s time he lead his team to victory against climate change! Or stop by NWF’s Action Page and send President Obama a “ticket” to Copenhagen.

No matter how you choose to take action. The important thing is that you take action NOW!


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Obama, solar & wind energy

Tell Obama to step upSign the petition

Write your local paper

Last Saturday, President Obama and other world leaders announced that a global climate treaty wouldn’t be finalized in Copenhagen next month after all. Instead, they will create steps for a comprehensive deal that will set the stage for a treaty sometime in 2010.

We were disappointed to hear this, of course — but there is still promise to set the stage for a global treaty. President Obama has said we can still lead the way and rally the world around a strong political agreement that will result in a fair, ambitious, and binding (FAB) treaty next year.

We need President Obama’s leadership on climate now more than ever:

We need President Obama to show America’s seriousness about tackling climate change by attending the conference. The President must use his enormous prestige to push for a blueprint that will lead to a strong treaty in 2010 — and to keep pushing Congress for the strongest possible clean energy and climate bill.

Let’s show the President and the media that the grassroots are paying attention to his actions leading up to Copenhagen. We’ve already surpassed our goal of 25,000 petition signatures — help us reach our new goal of 30,000 and spread the word by writing your local newspaper:

We finally have a president who understands the consequences of inaction, and the enormous benefits of building a clean energy economy. Now we need him to step up his leadership on climate — and to show him and the media that there’s a vibrant grassroots movement ready to support bold climate action. Sign the petition and write your local newspaper today!

Liz Butler
Deputy Campaign Director, 1Sky

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Why bicycle?

Bike more.

Get crash and safety facts.

Address community problems.


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On November 19th & 20th, students and youth all over the country will be taking action and calling President Obama to remind him that It’s Game Time and we need his leadership on climate and energy policy. We’re asking him to meet with young leaders, give a national address outlining his strategy and to attend Copenhagen in person.

President Obama is listening: He said he would attend the critical Copenhagen climate negotiations IF it is deemed necessary to clinch a deal. We know it’s necessary, so we’ve got to let him know it’s game time! Will you host a Call-in Day Event?

We can get this message across to Obama by getting our voices into the White House.  When lots of young voters call in with a consistent demand, it doesn’t go unnoticed.  We can make sure this happens by hosting Call-in Day events across the country.

Can you help make sure this critical message reaches Obama in the White House? Call-in Days are fun and simple.  All you need is a couple of hours, a public location, and a small group of volunteers.  See our Call-in Day Event Guide here.

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Saturday, November 21

8 am – 2 pm

Shred Day

420 Century Court 37064


Free Shredding of personal documents from

Williamson County Residents

No Commercial Documents Accepted

Please bring your paper removed from wire binding, 3 ring binders and heavy clips/clamps. Paper clips and staples are acceptable. 

 Please bring your documents in paper bags, cardboard boxes

or a returnable container.

BOPAE Drop-off

Batteries, Oil, Paint, Anti-freeze and Electronics

No Other Items Will Be Accepted

417 Century Court 37064


Free Drop-off of items from

Williamson County Residents

No Commercial Items Accepted


                      Prescription Drugs Disposal


Provided through the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and the 21st Judicial Task Force.

Collection Location:
City of Franklin Solid Waste Department

417 Century Court 37064

For more information about this event, contact Hugh Tharpe, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, at (615) 790-5554 or HughT@williamson-tn.org.

 Visit www.KeepWilliamsonBeautiful.orgfor details.


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Project Blue Stream’s Fall Planting

 Project Blue Streams (PBS) protects and restores Nashville’s small streams. Partnering with neighborhood groups, schools, churches and businesses, Project Blue Streams restores streams using a collection of tools ranging from tree planting, to stream bank restoration, to in-stream habitat rehabilitation.

One initiative of PBS is to plant 10,000 trees in Davidson County over the next five years. 

PBS will move closer to this goal with a Fall Planting.  On Saturday, November 21st, PBS will partner with Neighborhood Associations in the East Nashville area for a huge planting. Other partners include the Nashville Tree Foundation, Nashville Electric Service, Metro Tree Advisory Committee, Metro Parks, and Metro Beautification and Environment Commission. To join the effort, contact Mekayle Houghton, PBS Director.

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A Stunning Documentary All Communities Should See
Coal Country is a stunning new documentary that reveals the devastation of mountaintop-removal coal mining to the forests, streams, and communities of Appalachia. Produced by Mari-Lynn Evans and Phylis Geller, Coal Country brings us inside the lives of Appalachian residents who are directly threatened by mountaintop-removal, a destructive mining practice where mountaintops are blasted away to expose the coal; the waste is then dumped in the waterways of nearby communities. As it takes us through each stage of coal mining and processing, Coal Country reveals the shocking true cost of America’s over-reliance on coal.

We need to get this film in the hands of Americans nationwide. Help spread the word and end mountaintop-removal coal mining by attending a Coal Country House Party. These community house parties will happen nationwide the week of November 9th through 15th.

Coal has an impact on every single community — one way or another. Join this national movement by sharing this important film with your friends and neighbors.

  • Watch the sneak-peek of Coal Country (a 40 minute version of the original film).
  • Hold a discussion about the movie and mountaintop-removal coal mining.
  • Take action by writing a letter to the Obama administration asking them to end mountaintop-removal coal mining.
  • Make new friends!

 *The deadline to receive the host packet and free sneak-peek DVD is now passed. If you sign up to host after November 1st you will not receive a host packet in the mail.

Contact us with any questions: club.events@sierraclub.org

Planet Green Coal Country airings: November 14th at 8pm ET, November 15 at 12pm ET, November 19th at 11pm ET, and November 20th at 3pm ET.

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