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Streetsfilm reports from Copenhagen during the UN climate summit, looking at the city’s innovative bicycle infrastructure, including a prominent bicycle counter next to a lane to inspire civic pride.

Watch the video, which Streetsblog says features “‘the busiest bicycling street in the Western world’, and lots of other you-gotta-see-them-to-believe-them features including bike counters (featuring digital readouts), LEDS, double bike lanes (for passing) and giant hot pink cars.”

Counting bikes in Copenhagen


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My Commute Sucks.

Check this out if you want Congress to fix our broken transportation system.

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Watch this video about the Cap and Trade solution to climate change.

Also, check out The Story of Stuff.  

Very interested.

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This week the Sierra Club’s Big Picture Campaign won its biggest victory yet when the Obama Administration finalized the Endangerment Finding, giving the EPA the authority to fight global warming emissions.

Thanks to the tens of thousands of Sierra Club activists like you who sent messages to the EPA, attended rallies coast to coast, and testified at public hearings the EPA finally has the power to fight climate change – now it’s time to use it.

Tell the EPA you support holding Big Polluters responsible for their share of the dirty air.

Did you know that only a handful of huge factories emit over half of all global warming pollution in the US? It’s time to make these Big Polluters clean up their act, and that’s exactly what the EPA is proposing to do with the new authority granted by the Endangerment Finding.

Check out our video about the EPA’s plan to hold Big Polluters accountable and send a public comment before the December 27th deadline!

Big Oil and Coal are already fighting the EPA’s plan to use the Endangerment Finding to hold them responsible. We need your help to show that Americans are tired of Big Polluters putting us all at risk.

Ask the EPA to put the Endangerment Finding into action and make Big Oil and Coal clean up their polluting ways.

Thank you so much for getting involved and making a difference.

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Right now, the National Wildlife Federation has a delegation at the global climate summit in Copenhagen, Denmark to speak up for a climate treaty that protects our natural resources and reduces global warming pollution.

Take a moment today to send your message with NWF’s delegation, urging President Obama to remain committed to passing a strong international climate treaty.

We all know that up to 30% of plant and wildlife species will be at risk for extinction if we don’t act now.

A strong climate treaty will protect our world’s forests, cap carbon emissions, set up a clean energy economy to benefit workers, and protect our planet’s wildlife and natural wonders for future generations.

Make sure the message for a strong international climate treaty is heard loud and clear.

All the world’s leaders are gathering to talk about the future of our climate and we’ll be there to make sure your voice is heard.

Ask President Obama to lead the way to a strong international climate treaty for our country and the world.

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With all the “Ho Ho Ho” of the holiday season upon us, here’s a simple way to do something green instead of killing a pine tree for Christmas.

The green way is to rent a live Christmas tree for the holidays and then have the tree returned to the environment, alive.

And, the glory of this approach is that you don’t have to do any of the work, you just order the tree and it arrives potted.

After the holidays, the company picks up the tree and bingo, a green Christmas. Your company joins the ranks of those adopting a green office strategy.

Two companies, Evergrow Christmas Trees Co. and Carbonsync Christmas offer the live-tree rental service for about $100 a tree. The trees are returned to nurseries until needed next year. Normally, a tree that takes six to twelve years to grow into a Christmas tree is turned into mulch after a single season.

By renting a live tree and returning it to the nursery, the trees continue to soak up carbon dioxide, so the rental service is yet another way to minimize emissions that create climate change.

In other green Christmas developments, how about running the lights on your tree in a carbon-free manner?

In Copenhagen, home of the big international greenhouse gas emission conference, the city’s Christmas tree lights are powered by pedal power — a team of stationary bicyclists power the tree’s lights

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Today, news leaked [1] that the U.S., Denmark, and a cabal of other wealthy nations that are among the world’s biggest polluters have, in secret back-room dealings, produced an alternative draft text to the one that’s officially under negotiation.

This secret alternative — known as the “Danish text” — would let rich countries shirk their responsibilities to lead the way in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and force poor countries to bear an unfair burden of the costs of keeping the climate stable.

Let lead U.S. climate negotiator Jonathan Pershing know that this is unacceptable. Sign our petition now — and our team here in Copenhagen will personally deliver your signatures to him.

The United States must reject this secret text and renounce the type of underhand wheelings and dealings that have produced it. We’ve already filled the atmosphere with far more than our fair share of greenhouse gas pollution. The climate negotiations should not be about helping the U.S. save face, they should be about spurring effective global cooperative to solve global warming.

Tell Jonathan Pershing that secrecy and greed are not the sort of values you expect your U.S. climate negotiator to represent.

Stay tuned to www.foe.org/copenhagen for updates on this petition and all of our efforts to hold President Obama’s negotiating team accountable.

[1] The Guardian. “Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after ‘Danish text’ leak,” December 8, 2009. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/dec/08/copenhagen-climate-summit-disarray-danish-text

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