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 Tennessee Environmental Council launches the…

Tennessee Tree Project

 TREE FACT: Studies indicate communities with more trees have less crime

TREE FACT: Planting 30 trees each year offsets greenhouse gases from your car and home

TREE FACT: In 50 years one tree provides $130,750 in total benefits including oxygen, air pollution control and storm water drainage

 Tennessee Tree Project has a goal of planting 1 million native trees in Tennessee by 2020. Tree planting projects are among the most popular programs we offer at the Tennessee Environmental Council, and they bring terrific publicity and community relations opportunities for our partners. The Tennessee Tree Project offers an easy, affordable community project for organizations you may belong to including businesses, schools, churches, and non profits that would like to plant trees and offer environmental service projects in their community. Click here for more information.


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If you commute to school by bicycle come to the next Green Sleeves meeting on Feb. 18, at 2 pm in room S-108.

At the back of the campus there is a wonderful greenway the follows Richland Creek and is perfect for commuting to school on. 

If you can’t make the meeting come see Sally in the library.  


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World Wildlife Fund is proud to announce Earth Hour 2010 will take place Saturday, March 27, at 8:30 pm. National Monuments including Mount Rushmore, the Empire State Building, the Las Vegas Strip, and the Golden Gate Bridge have already pledged to participate but what we really need is for you to participate again. Standing nearly one billion people strong, we made last year’s Earth Hour the single largest mass action in human history. This year we need you to grow it. We have worked tirelessly to bring the international community, governments around the world and corporate leaders to the brink of breakthrough action on climate change in 2010. That’s why it’s so important we make our voice heard again. Please join millions of people around the world in turning off the lights for Earth Hour to raise awareness and demand action to fight climate change. Grow the movement by sharing this message with your friends and family. Working together, we can overcome one of the greatest challenges facing our planet. Visit our new site at EarthHour.org to access to videos and toolkits to help grow the movement as well as fantastic ideas on how to make Earth Hour a special event in your home, community or business.


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The Clean Air Act — the key federal tool that can cut the pollution that causes global warming — is under attack.

Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, is expected to offer an amendment on January 20 that would stop the Obama administration from using the Clean Air Act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The vote on the amendment is expected to be close, but with your help, it’s one we can win. Please stand up for the Clean Air Act today by asking your senators to vote NO on the Murkowski amendment.

Last month, the Obama administration finalized its formal conclusion that global warming substantially endangers the health and well being of the public. Because of this endangerment finding, the administration is now required to move forward with sensible regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But Senator Murkowski’s amendment would reverse this endangerment finding. Her amendment represents an attack on an existing law, an attack on science, and an attack on efforts to strengthen our economy by transitioning to clean energy.

The amendment is also an attack on the millions of people — including her own constituents in Alaska, where glaciers are disintegrating and permafrost melt is causing property damage — who will be harmed by climate change if we don’t rapidly cut emissions.

Congress should be working to find smart, creative new ways to reduce emissions, but instead Senator Murkowski is trying to roll back the most important existing tool at the federal level. We need your help to defeat this wrongheaded amendment so we can go back to advocating climate solutions.

The Senate vote on January 20 will be a defining moment in the fight for clean energy and a healthy climate. Please help change the outcome of the vote by taking action today.

With you in the fight for climate justice,

Erich Pica
President, Friends of the Earth

P.S. Senator Murkowski explains her behavior by claiming the Clean Air Act threatens the economy, but the exact opposite is true. Transitioning to clean energy and the green economy of the future as the Clean Air Act requires won’t just create millions of new jobs, it will also prevent the economic devastation certain to be caused by climate change impacts if global warming continues unabated.

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This year our country will likely lose about 80,000 acres of wetlands.

That’s 80,000 acres of habitat for herons and pelicans, trout and turtles, and countless other wildlife species.

If you haven’t made your New Year’s Resolution yet, do it now.

Sign the petition, asking President Obama to protect America’s wetlands.

By signing you will join the group of 80,000 people committed to speaking up for wetlands, which provide us with clean water and flood protection, as well as critical nesting and breeding grounds for many of America’s iconic wildlife species.

So, be sure to start your year off right.

Urge President Obama to protect America’s wetlands.

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