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The Mayor of SanFranciso speaks on Bicycling in San Francisco.



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Check out this from the Friends of the Earth:


We need to need to encourage riding bikes and walking to campus.  We may offer a once a month free breakfast for all bicycle commuters and walkers.   If you live too far to ride all the way why not try driving your car part way and then biking the rest of the way.

“Even with cleaner cars and better fuels, if we don’t start driving less altogther, we won’t be able to reduce heat-trapping gas emissions enough to avoid dangerous impacts from climate change.

Providing people with cleaner alternatives to driving isn’t just good for the planet. It’s also good for our pocketbooks. When gas prices increase, families aren’t hit as hard if they can walk, bike or take public transit. Unfortunately, Americans who don’t have those options end up being forced to shoulder the burden of higher gas prices. This is an especially important issue for low-income Americans, as the working poor already spend a disproportionate share of their income on transportation.” — website.

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Take a look at the video: Closed Loop Life Cycle Planning (Part 2)

Checkout the Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Educause Review.  The entire issue is dedicated to “IT and the Greener Future”.

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Check it out: “Americans toss out enough plastic spoons, knives, and forks each year to circle the equator 300 times.” Wow.

We here at Cool People Care have been saying how cool it is to be mindful of how you take your lunch and order out, and now this info from GOOD highlights the implications of all our bags, utensils, and wrappers. So, as a reminder, here’s how to be cool when you chow down:

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  Collaboration Between Business and Conservation

 William Ginn, Chief Conservation Officer for The Nature Conservancy
 author of Investing in Nature.

This book is on order in the library.

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Restoring TN Real Estate Transfer Funds

At the recent Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee, our coalition of environmental leaders, business leaders, educators, citizens and government officials established the 2010 Sustainable TN Agenda. The top priority within the Agenda is to Restore the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds.  We have an urgent and important opportunity today to make a real difference for our state.

Below is a letter from Kathleen Williams, President and Executive Director -Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation, who explains the great need for this program. Since the time of this letter, the Governor has restored the Real Estate Transfer Funds in the 2010 Budget Proposal. This is great news, but our work is just beginning. We need to ensure this is included in the final budget. Here are some actions you can take to help:

1. Call or write your State Senator and Representative. Your legislator’s name, address, or phone can be found at: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/. Here is a sample letter you may use.

2. Call or email the Governor Bredesen at (615-741-2001) or Phil.Bredesen(at symbol)TN.Gov. Thank him for restoring the Real Estate Transfer Funds in the 2010 Budget proposal and let him know this is a top priority for you. Here is a sample letter.

3. Ask your friends, coworkers, business, organization…everyone you know…to join in this effort!

Thank you for taking action today.

Please let us know how you will be helping by sending an email to forevergreentn(at symbol)earthlink.net.

Here are some links with more information on Forever Green Tennessee: Fact Sheet Economic Benefits Forever Green Website Forever Green Blog Forever Green on Twitter (you can also find Forever Green on Facebook) Forever Green on YouTube Forever Green Tennessee — Restore Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds in June, 2010!

I am writing you to ask for your immediate help. The Governor is in the process of preparing our State’s budget. If you love the natural beauty of Tennessee, our woods and wildlife, our fields and farmland, let the Governor know TODAY.

Let Governor Bredesen know that our homeland is at risk and you want Tennessee to always be known as the “greenest state in the land of the free.” Please ask that his budget “Restore Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds in June, 2010!”

Let him know you want a Forever Green Tennessee. Twenty years ago our Tennessee Legislature passed the most important conservation bill in Tennessee’s history. Using a small increase in the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Fees, four “dedicated” funds were established: The Wetlands Fund, the State Land Acquisition Fund, the Local Parks and Recreation Fund, and the Agriculture Resources Trust Fund. These Funds generate approximately $20 million per year and have conserved Tennessee’s most important natural treasures, bluffs, waterfalls, wetlands, rivers and wildlife areas. Successes have benefitted every corner of Tennessee with new state parks, wildlife areas, projects on farms to protect our drinking water, and matching grants for new local parks. Thank the Governor for all he’s done for conservation, but let him know that this funding must continue to conserve the Forever Green Tennessee that we want our children to inherit. Two major obstacles threaten Tennessee’s future: A silent public and a budget shortfall. In 2003 and again in 2008, these “dedicated” funds were taken and diverted to the general fund. That is not why these Funds were established. The Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Fees were increased by the legislature to offset the damage done by converting farmland and forest to developed lands; as the real estate changed hands, a small fee would be invested to PROTECT the best lands and waters in the State. These Funds represent less than one-tenth of 1 percent of Tennessee’s $29 Billion budget. Our homeland is worth this small investment. Tennessee loses 80,000 acres of farms and forests to sprawl and development every year – we are the 7th worst in the nation in how quickly we lose our farms and natural lands. Attached is a fact sheet on the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds, a brief history of the Funds and a model letter to send to the Governor. But, a phone call or email would be faster and just as effective. If you love Tennessee like I know you do, please take 5 minutes and call (615-741-2001) or e-mail him today: Phil.Bredesen@TN.Gov. Also, please forward this to your members. The future of Tennessee is in our hands. Secondly, we will circulate a roster of groups or businesses that have endorsed this campaign to Restore Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Funds and plan to get support from legislators for our cause.

Please reply if we can list you as a supporter. With your help, we will Forever Green Tennessee. Join with our organization, the Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association, the Tennessee Environmental Council, The Tennessee Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, Tennessee Conservation Voters and others to support this effort.

With your help, we will Forever Green Tennessee. For our kids and their kids. Thank you for answering this call. Kathleen Williams President and Executive Director Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation 1205-A Linden Avenue Nashville, TN 37212 Phone: 615-386-3171; Fax: 615-386-3115 http://www.tenngreen.org

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