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Thank Tennessee’s State Leadership

This goes right along with our school tree plantings we have been doing.

Great news!

Both the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution of support for the TN Every Child Outdoors Coalition and the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights.

The Governor has also demonstrated his support for efforts to provide children with outdoor experiences.

Please take a moment to thank them for their actions.

Helping Tennessee children experience nature will prepare our kids to be well-equipped to understand and overcome complicated environmental challenges that face our communities, our nation, and our planet.

Let your elected officials know you appreciate their actions to connect children with nature in Tennessee.

Tennessee is too beautiful of a state to stay indoors.

Thanks so much,

Kelly D. Wagner
Online Outreach Coordinator
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Recycling Fundraiser

<a href=”http://www.recyclingfundraiser.com“>Cell Phone & Laptop Recycling Fundraiser </a>

Earn an extra $10 to $50 just for linking your organization’s website to RecyclingFundraiser.com.

Do we want to do this?

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Check it out.

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The second tree planting on March 24 was at 2 elementary schools: Kirkpatrick (East Nashville) and Westmeade.  As you can see in the photos the students were all very excited to be getting these trees.  5 trees were planted at Kirkpatrick (Two are in their new playground).  6 trees were planted at Westmeade.
Last tree planting Wed., March 31.  Meet at K-Building — 12:30.

Kirkpatrick Elementary

Kirkpatrick -- Pre-K -- Shumard Oak

Westmeade Elementary

This 1st grade class help plant and adopted this tree.

Mark, Alex, Mr. Breese (the principal), and Pam

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Nashville plans to use a $7.5 million federal grant over the next two years to make barriers to healthy eating and active living go away.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded Nashville an obesity prevention grant that will be used to target the city’s obesity epidemic. The federal agency gave out more than $372 million to 44 cities nationwide for a new initiative. Nashville was the only city in the state to get money.

“For the first time, our children may not live as long as we do because of obesity, diabetes, and a failure to eat healthy and partake in physical activities,” said Dr. Bill Paul, director of the Metro Public HealthDepartment.

One of five children and two out of three adults in Nashville are overweight.

With the grant money, the health department will create 40 full-time jobs and 40 part-time jobs to run the two-year program.

The money will be used to:

Make safe routes to school for children, an initiative in partnership with Metro Public Schools.

Start a share the road program to increase awareness about cyclists and motorist sharing the road and to improve policy and signage on shared roads.

Begin The Golden Sneaker Program, which will help teachers incorporate physical activity and health eating into the curriculum.

Create a bike rental around Nashville so people can see the city and get exercise at the same time.

Promote health eating by putting fresh foods in corner stores and neighborhoods markets.

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Ecofreek.com  is a search engine for free and swap items. Their mission is to provide a means for people to find items they need while reducing
landfill waste.

Check them out.  They would like feedback on their website.

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Planting Shumard Oak TreesA group of student and faculty met on Saturday, March 20, at 10:00 am and planted 5 Shumard Oak Trees on the Dominican Campus.  The weather Saturday was perfect for planting and today they are getting watered by the rain. 

The next tree planting is on March 24 at Eakin Elementary School.  We will meet outside of the Kisber Building at 10:00.   Bring shovels if you can. 

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