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The 2010 Great American Cleanup™ is Underway!

Keep America Beautiful’s External LinkGreat American Cleanup, the nation’s largest community improvement program, takes place annually from March 1 through May 31, involving an estimated 3 million volunteers and attendees. Here in Nashville, volunteers come together for roadside litter collection, landscaping projects, Ring Around the School cleanups, graffiti removals, illegal sign round-ups, and a host of other neighborhood beautification efforts.  To learn how you can participate, contact Metro Beautification and Environment at (615) 862-8418.


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  • Did this with the ECC and SGA


  • In conjunction the Student Science Association we took part in the Tennessee Tree Project givaway and donated / planted indiginous tree-seedlings to the Dominican Sisters at Aquinis at St. Thomas Hospitol and the following 5 local elementary / middle schools in hopes that this would inspire students to be reminded of caring for the environment:
  1. West End Middle
  2. JT Moore Middle
  3. Westmeade Elementary
  4. Charlotte Park Elementary
  5. Kirkpatrick Elementary


  • Due to the efforts of Sally Robertson, our “Biking Librarian” ;-),  we established wonderful Environmental Librarian’s Blog page which posts updated events, happening, and links. It can be accessed at:



  • We re-established aluminum can recycling on campus – helping generate money that will be used toward the campus! 
  • We proposed a plastic reclying pilot program on our campus – and just got word that it was APPROVED!!


  •  In conjunction with Environmental Concerns Committee, we gave away trees (for a suggested donation of $1.00) to all the students, faculty and staff during Spring Fling.


  • As an incentive to encourage students to consider biking  or walking instead of driving to school, we hosted a “Biking/Walking Breakfast”, serving homemade yogurt, granola and fresh fruit made by the Escoffier Society.  Ross donated coffee and juice for bikers and walkers. 


  •  We involved students from Pricilla Nash’s graphic arts practicum class to design a logo for Green Sleeves.  Then we voted and chose Sarah Knox’s to be our official Green Sleeves logo!
  • For our last meeting in the Spring we had a pizza/silk-screening party to print Sarah’s logo on t-shirts. 
  • We also printed bookmarks with the new official logo.


  • We had 2 successful jewelry fundraisers. One in Feb (2 day event) and one April 15 (1 day, Spring Fling).  Earning us $40.00 for each day.

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Bicycle commuting

SIRS Knowledge Source: Search Results.

Try cycling to school or work you might like.  You will feel better, and the Earth will thank you.

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Dear Tennessee Conservationist: 

 All funding for land conservation from the State of Tennessee is at risk!  This may be the most important request for action you will receive this year. The fate of $16.5 million for conserving Tennessee’s woods, waters and wildlife will be determined next week (we think by Tuesday or Wednesday) when the Senate Finance Committee reviews the State budget. If we lose our funding this year, we may never get the “dedicated” funds returned again.

Please help. PLEASE make phone calls to the following TODAY:

* Senator Mark Norris, Republican Leader (615-741-1967)

* Senator Randy McNally, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee (615-741-6806)

* Your Senator (if he/she appears on the list below)

Here’s your message: Restore all land conservation funding in the State’s budget, “dedicated” from the Tennessee Real Estate Transfer Fees. It is important for JOBS. It is important for a Forever Green Tennessee, our woods, our waters, our wildlife. Less than 1/10th of 1% of our State’s Budget supports these vital programs. It is wrong to divert them again.

Quick overview: In 1991, the legislature added a small increase to the Real Estate Transfer Fees (the fee you pay when a real estate deed is recorded) to generate money to save parks, wetlands, woods, wildlife and waters. In 2003-2008 this “dedicated” fund was diverted to the general fund. They were supposed to return to their “dedicated” purpose in June 2008, but unfortunately were taken the last week of the budget process and once again diverted from their “dedicated” purpose to balance the budget. This is wrong. These funds are in the Governor’s budget to reinstate in June 2010, but they are in jeopardy of being taken from their original purpose yet again! The fees generate $16.5 million and include $6.5 million for conserving wetlands and wildlife areas, $3.1 million for conserving state park lands, $3.7 million for local parks (requires a match from the city/co.) and $3.2 million for farmers to clean up or prevent pollution of our creeks and rivers.

More Talking Points: * These funds create jobs and are great for our economy. Tourism generates 180,000 jobs, and parks are our most popular tourist attractions; * These funds leverage federal funding, city and county funding, private gifts, and investments from farmers; * These funds are a common sense approach – as real estate is developed a small fund saves the best Tennessee has to offer; * We want our children and grandchildren to have a beautiful environment and strong economy and these funds are critical for the Forever Green Tennessee that we want our children to inherit; * We want Tennessee to always be known as the “greenest state in the land of the free.”

For more information, there is a fact sheet and 13-minute movie that describes these funds as well as pictures of our legislative friends on our blog:

http:// forevergreentn.wordpress.com.

Please take 5 minutes to save our precious homeland. We must show our legislators that Tennesseans care about our environment. With your help, together we WILL Forever Green Tennessee.


Kathleen Williams Executive Director,

Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation

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Help Turn America Green
Earth Day is a chance for each of us to think about how we can help our planet. Add your pledge for a simple green action to our Earth Day map of America and you’ll be amazed at how everyone together can make a big difference by doing small things.

And if you make your pledge by April 30th, you could also win a trip to Hawaii!

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Muir
Our founder, John Muir, was born 172 years ago yesterday. We’ve celebrated by updating The John Muir Exhibit — the best online source of John Muir information on planet Earth — curated by superstar Sierra Club volunteer Harold Wood. (Take that, Wikipedia!)Although we hope John Muir would appreciate his new website, we know what he’d really like is for more people to pull on their boots, go for a hike, and tell others how they can do the same.

Here’s the place to do exactly that!

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This live simulcast can be viewed here for 1 week.  Check it out!  It will make you think!  A Belmont student was inspired and wrote a song about trees, and he performed it at the end of the broadcast. 

It is about what churches and schools can do to take care of the Earth. (Creation care.)

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