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“The Rainforest Alliance challenges you to submit an animated or live video that documents what you are doing on your campus that is “So Practical, It’s Radical!” How are you making your campus more sustainable? Have you started a recycling program, created a school garden or taught a class about campus sourcing? Grab your video camera, smartphone or other filming devices and submit a two-minute video about your sustainable initiatives on campus!”

So Radical, It’s Practical


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Photography students check this out:

“Faces of Climate Change” photo contest.


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While planting trees, repairing trails and restoring shorelines on National Public Lands Day, don’t forget to┬ábring those cameras — photo and video– and take some great shots of your fellow volunteers.

Participate in our Ninth Annual “Volunteers in Action” Photo and Video Contest. This year, a new category for short videos has been created for those talented but undiscovered film directors out there.

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