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This is all about being sustainable and the importance of trees, and listening to the “Lorax” inside of all of us.


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Buy these stickers to put on paper towel dispensers to encourage the use of hand blower driers. Some cool facts:
A single “These Come From Trees” sticker can save around a tree’s worth of paper, every year
More than 50,000 stickers distributed since 3/07
Laminated stickers hold up to washing.
A typical fast food restaurant with two bathrooms can use up to 2000 pounds of paper towels a year
The average coffee shop uses 1000 pounds of paper towels a year
A single tree produces around 100 pounds of paper
Roughly 50,000 fast food restaurants in the US
200,000 gas stations in the US
14,000 McDonald’s in the US
10,000 Starbucks in the US
An experiment in environmentalism, viral marketing, and user interface design
with the goal of reducing consumer waste paper!

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A company the really cares about the environment:

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The Cumberland River Compact will be giving away 1,000 FREE large diameter seedlings on Valentine’s Day. Come by to pick up your tree(s) – first come, first serve!

Date/Time: Friday, February 14 from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Location: River Center — Bridge Building — 2 Victory Ave. — Nashville 37213

The trees can be planted on public or private property. Planting address will need to be provided at pick up. Questions? Email us. (info@cumberlandrivercompact.org)

Remember that trees absorb storm-water, so they reduce the amount of urban runoff that reaches our neighborhood streams. Even a young tree can intercept hundreds of gallons of rain during a storm. Every tree makes a difference!

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On Saturday November 16 a group of volunteers planted hundreds of native species trees along Whites Creek on the Fontanel property.

American Plum, Shumard Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, Redbud, and Seviceberry.

For more information on trees go to www.tectn.org/tree

After the planting all the volunteers were welcomed by Barbara Mandrell’s daughter, Jamie, and treated to lunch in the log mansion.  Then they were entertained by Stephanie Quail, a country singer from Montana.












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Climate Heroes is an independent Non-profit Association Loi 1901 registered in France. We produce a photo project by which we aim to shed the light on those men and women who stand out by their values and actions to help mitigate Climate Change, and can thus be set up as inspirational models.


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Trees clean the air and give us oxygen.

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