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Climate action letter for colleges and universities

We recognize that a lot is happening this week (of Earth Day), but we want to draw your attention to an opportunity for your institution to participate in the higher education climate letter that we initiated last fall with a group of 30 campuses.
One of the goals of the effort was to align higher education’s voice with that of the business community for scaled climate action. We have publicly launched that joint effort today with partners under the banner of Low Carbon USA. Over 230 presidents and chancellors, combined with over 1000 businesses, can really move the needle on whether current administration decides to remain in the Paris Agreement and will ensure national climate action will continue to accelerate despite the lack of federal government involvement. It is this type of collective, multi-sectoral support that will be essential for global climate progress.
We are keeping the statement open indefinitely and welcome more campus participants. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
Thank you, as always, for your great work and support during this critical time in our country’s history,
Timothy Carter


Second Nature


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How big is your ecological footprint.

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Watch this short video by ClimateReality:

We are all paying the price of carbon.

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Turn old electronics into holiday cash | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

“If you’ve upgraded and have old Apple products or other cellphones lying around, Gazelle will give you cash. It’s fast, easy and the company will even send you a box and pay for shipping.”

gazelle large

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See how many of these things you can do.  The planet will thank you.


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