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This is a great way to up-cycle your clothing and accessories.

waste not want not

I did a lot of purging today, and man I was ruthless. I went through some of my closet, dresser, and drawers. Most of the time as I was going through my things, these thoughts popped into my head:

  • Wait, I still have this?
  • OMG, how old is this lotion/chapstick/nail polish/ etc.?
  • Did I wear this in high school?
  • I would not be caught dead wearing this
  • How many purses does one need?
  • I barely wear jeans, do I need 6 pairs?
  • Someone else will appreciate this more than me
  • When was the last time I did gymnastics, 6th grade?
  • I’m pretty sure the elastic in this has disintegrated

purge pile1 The beginning of what I dubbed, “The Purge Pile”

purge pile2 “The Purge Pile” begins to grow

purge pile4 “The Purge Pile” starts to take over my doorway.

purge pile3 All of the boxes in my closet that are headed to the recycling bin

My plan is…

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