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This is from the National Wildlife Federation — Campus Ecology

 National Wildlife Federation’s campus sustainability case study database, the only catalog of its kind, is available online now at www.nwf.org/campuscasestudies.

Close to 100 new case studies were added for 2011, highlighting efforts to dramatically reduce pollution, waste and costs, including recycling, energy efficiency improvements, alternative transportation systems and green jobs training programs.

In addition to the 2011 submissions, the database includes more than 650 case studies from campuses across the U.S. spanning more than a decade.

Browse by topic or school.


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“Student fees are a popular source of funding for sustainability because there are usually clear and straightforward processes in place for accessing them. Moreover, when they have been proposed, dedicated student fees for sustainability are generally approved by large majorities in student elections.”

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Want to make your own bicycle?  Check this out!


Ant bicycles is a small bicycle fabrication shop run by Mike Flanigan and Betsy Eckel Scola in Holliston, MA. We are dedicated to building bikes for transportation that have the right combination of function and style.



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America Recycles Day is Nov 15. 

Don’t forget to recycle your paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic bottles here on our campus.

White cardboard boxes = plastic

Big blue containers = aluminum cans.  (in the S-Building the containers are labeled and located in the food eating area.)

Big green containers = paper and cardboard

Checkout what Vanderbilt University is doing do be more sustainable:


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