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Green Sleeves, the environmental organization at Nashville State Community College, has a goal of administering a total of 900 Campus Sustainability surveys by the end of the semester. (10% of the student population.) We hope to see a “Green” fee implemented on campus to help with recycling programs, green energy switch, energy conservation ideas, and even the reinstatement of the Nashville State Environmental Scholarship, that has unfortunately lost its funding. We have had some success with tabling, clip boarding, and with class raps at the main campus. Currently we have administered about 200 survey. Well, to meet our goal we needed to get a little more creative. NSCC has the main campus as well as five other campuses. We needed to contact those students and get them involved with making NSCC sustainable. So, Green Sleeves drafted a letter to the other campuses, with Student Life’s support, asking their administrations to survey the students. The surveys were sent through the internal mail system and will be sent back to the main campus upon completion.

Survey letter to campuses

We will be checking back with the campuses to see how things are going. We are excited to see the support from the students and will continue to get the word out at all the campuses. We know of other success stories in Middle Tennessee and we want to be like those other schools. Green Sleeves would like to send a shout out to TASSC and thank all the students for their great advice, support, and hard work.


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